The Original Mummy’s Boy


A message from Hussain:

I tend to find calmness in the most-simplest of words, empowerment from their history and meaning and love from the edges of their curves.

It was when I was stuck knee deep in depression and anxiety overflowed me as if it was a wave, there came Rudyard Kipling’s ‘If’ strolling in to my brain, making sense of it all and that’s why I say;

A poem saved the day.

Poetry for me, is based on my feelings. It is based on raw emotions. Complex thoughts and desires vs distractions. I can only thank anyone who has taken the time out to listen or read what I have had to say due to what I have felt.

Thank you.

I would also like to say I am a very proud One Young World Ambassador

What got me into writing?

It was when I first heard the powerful flute of So Solid’s Crew’s Broken Silence, which then lead me to Toni Braxton ballad’s and Ms Dynamite raves. The flavour of UK artistry had me running home after school to binge watch Channel U, which then exposed me to N-Dubz & Roll Deep.

The feeling of storytelling via music, poetry, rap and hard lyricism then dragged me to the small WH-Smith inside Vicarage Field in Barking whilst my mum was shopping and I watched my older brother reached for Craig David’s Fill Me In cassette and I followed by purchasing Wheatus’s Teenage Dirtbag.

It was James Horner on Titanic, Hans Zimmer on Lion King, Will Smith in Fresh Prince and Michael Kyle in My Wife and Kids. It was every time TJ came up with a solution in Recess, the finale game of Mighty Ducks, The Adventure home in Free Willy and the leavers song in Saved By The Bell, that got me at the edge of my seat and had my heart ready to write.