Metro: I hugged strangers on Oxford Street to let people know they're not alone

Growing up in East London, mental health was never spoken about within my community.

It’s only now that my friends and I are beginning to have these important conversations. I first experienced mild depression when I was at university and I absolutely hated being there.

More recently, my mother passed away and this triggered – and continues to trigger – a whole host of sad emotions that runs through my body and mind. Something I find myself saying a lot these days is, ‘mental health affects everyone’. Normally this statement gets a nod and nothing more, but occasionally the person you are speaking to has personal connection to the discussion. I wanted to do something to help heal the world.

I wanted to help make a change. Inspired by a video I saw, I took the approach of ‘talk less and act more’ and curated The Oxford Street Experiment.

The girl I was inspired by did something similar in Holland, where she put on a blindfold and asked people to trust her as a Muslim and to hug her.

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