The British Psychological Society meets Hussain Manawer

‘The psychological will always be there… it’s like my skeleton’

Hussain Manawer is a poet, and Honorary Fellow of King’s College London for his work in mental health. Debbie Gordon (Assistant to the Managing Editor) went along to meet him.

When did you decide that you were going to be a poet?
I was always writing when I was in school, but I didn't decide then. Even when I was at sixth form, university, I was always writing but I never called myself a poet.

I think I decided I was going to do it because of the lack of inspiration I was finding in today's world. I couldn't find people who were talking about the pain I was going through. I feel like we have different influences and different people who take us through different stages of our lives… I was like, 'Where's mine for right now?' And I couldn't find one. I needed to be that person. Surely I couldn't be the only person whose Mum had just died? I can't be the only person who hated uni, who's stressing about his hairline, all of these things. I wanted to talk about it the best way I knew.

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