Hollyoaks calls Hussain Manawer to write the poetry for Lily's death story line

I am someone who grew up in the era of Fresh Prince of Bel Air and was able to witness the incredible emotional scene of Will Smith finding out from Uncle Phil why his father was no longer in the picture. It was that day – glued to my television with my 10p Space Invader crisps – I told myself I will only aim to be as vulnerable and as true to my art, as the creators I am so fortunate to be growing up and learning from while being entertained and educated.

Today, yes I am a poet but I am first and foremost someone who has spent the majority of my life dealing with anxiety and deciphering the internal codes of breaking down the walls of my depression, most painfully after losing my mother less than two years ago. This is why Hollyoaks’ plot this week has so powerfully resonated with me, a storyline that connected with the realities of my life.

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Hussain Manawer and Actress Lauren McQueen

Hussain Manawer and Actress Lauren McQueen

hussain manawer